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Based in Oxford, UK
Founded in 2010
Genre: #Post-punk # Post-Hardcore #Alternative 
Label: Previous Records


Tim Darch - Vocals/Bass
Andrew Thompson - Guitar
Toby Coates - Drums
Spinner Fall are a trio from Oxford who play an intense brand of post-punk / post-hardcore. Inspired by the bucolic atmosphere of the Cotswolds and then forcing it screaming through a bunch of effects pedals, Spinner Fall’s songs peer into the darker parts of village life, friendships and relationships. 
Spinner Fall deliver an intensely turbulent noise that somehow marries shoegaze glissando with a postpunk brittleness and a throatshreddingly hectoring vocal delivery that can variously remind you of Ride, Husker Du and The Fall, all at the same time.
Nightshift, Oxford
If your understanding of the rock offerings of Thomas Hardy’s dreaming spires of Oxford extends to Supergrass, The Unbelievable Truth or Radiohead, Spinner Fall’s bludgeoning relentlessness and ability to fuse The Mars Volta prog tendencies with Mudhoney’s straight ahead proto-emo should suitably surprise and impress.
Ben Parker, Blasting News
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